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Stohlquist Brik Personal Floatation Device

Stohlquist Brik Personal Floatation Device

  • Cinch harness eliminates ride-up.
  • Gripp-loc inner non-slip panels lock onto dry top to eliminate ride-up.
  • Hand wash soap and water.
  • Made in China.

More thrust, less bulk, the radically innovative BRIK stands at the top in the mind’s of today’s serious pro-paddlers. This PFD offer’s the latest technology by incorporating the first ever, diagonal cinching system and internal Gripp-Loc panels, which have been designed for, and are proven to eliminate vest ride-up. Ultra-low footprint, all foam elements inside are hand shaped to wrap the body at four inches maximum depth. Low, low, low back and stream-lined profile. Seven personalized adjustments, park the BRIK in place, just below chest-line for the best potential lift and mobility ever in a play paddler’s vest. For improved safety and durability, new rubberized ballistic fabric is incorporated as anchor plate for extra reinforcement to the shoulder straps. Features • Extra wide armholes • Innovative side zip entry • Close fitting stretchy neoprene side panels • 1″ webbing belt with forward pulls for a trim & low profile fit • Fully ventilated roomy mesh pocket wi

List Price: $ 119.95


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What customers say about Stohlquist Brik Personal Floatation Device?

  1. 17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    One of the best paddling PFDs ever made, August 5, 2012
    Candid Reviewer (GA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Stohlquist Brik Personal Floatation Device (Sports)
    I have owned this PFD for over a decade (since Fall 2000). I’ve worn it on countless extended sea kayaking expeditions on the Great Lakes, the Mississippi, various smaller rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is extremely comfortable and highly adjustable for a very snug fit. Even on my longest expeditions, paddling for 40+ miles per day, I have had zero chafe from this lifejacket. There is no material to rub you uncomfortably anywhere around the armholes, so you never feel like you need to take it off and you won’t end up with blisters or abrasions around your armpits. The neoprene arm straps are very comfortable and you hardly notice they’re there.

    Since the flotation is concentrated entirely around your midsection (back and front), there is almost no restriction to your movement. Your upper body is totally free to move, and your lower body is not restricted until you lean forward more than 90 degrees (at which point the front flotation panel will start to contact your thighs and offer resistance to your chest… but by then you can already touch your toes, so who cares?). Sitting upright for extended periods is no problem. I also like the fact that the vest begins to offer resistance as you lean forward of 90 degrees. On long expeditions, during rest breaks, I find that I lean into the jacket intentionally and it holds me upright. If the kayak were stable enough to allow it, you could probably even sleep that way (at least I could, but bear in mind I’m paddling many dozens of miles in a day, so I could sleep just about anywhere after that). My point is it’s comfortable and not restrictive in any negative way.

    Since the back is cut so low and open, the vest is refreshingly cool despite its lack of any mesh ventilation panels. You do get a bit hot on very warm days in the area the panels cover (a 6″ wide strip all the way around your midsection), but splashing a little water on your chest and shoulders will allow enough water to run down inside to cool you off. The griploc lining also prevents any ride up, assuming you adjust the pfd correctly to a snug fit. So you don’t have to worry about pulling the vest down constantly. I also think it feels very nice against the skin–much nicer than mesh or nylon.

    The only downside of the brik design is that, since there is no flotation foam anywhere on your upper chest, the front panel of foam has to be unusually thick (3 – 4″) to still meet USCG buoyancy requirements. In 98% of all situations, this has no effect on your paddling, but it does add some difficulty to certain rescue maneuvers. For example, if you want to launch yourself out of the water and pull your chest up flat onto the deck or cockpit of a kayak in order to do a “cowboy recovery,” the panel is likely to snag the coaming or a rigging point on the deck unless you make a conscious effort to remember to leave a little extra space between you and the kayak as you begin to launch yourself out of the water. I got used to it quickly, but it does mean a little extra physical effort to perform such moves, and a little more snagging if you’re climbing around with your chest against the deck as you do for certain recovery maneuvers. (I’m talking about very advanced self-rescue maneuvers that casual paddlers and recreational kayakers probably aren’t likely to attempt). In practice, what usually happens is I start to do a cowboy self-rescue (in which you climb back into the cockpit with no assistance from the paddle, float, or other “rescue aid”–which is not easy to do in a 21″ wide sea kayak), then I snag on the first attempt and have to abort, then remember to leave a little room for the vest, then reattempt successfully on the second try. No big deal… I still wouldn’t trade this vest for anything.

    The only other downside of this pfd (but not a design flaw), is that it tends to give a mild neoprene smell to anything you wear under or over it. I have a rainjacket that I wore over the PFD during a 150-mile trip on Lake Superior, and ever since, the jacket has had a slight neoprene smell. I think that’s likely to be the case with any PFD that contains neoprene, so not really a fault of this jacket.

    After owning it for 10 years and many thousands of miles of paddling, I am astonished to report that my original brik PFD is still alive and well. It has been through everything with me, and is still going! Although PFD buoyancy typically degrades over time, mine still floats my 180 lbs. body weight just fine and has no signs of wear except the faded color. Granted, I treated it regularly with 303 UV protectant, so perhaps that extended its life. Whatever the case, I more than got my money’s worth.

    Highly recommended! One of the best paddling purchases I ever made!


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  2. 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great PFD for men or women, August 11, 2012
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Stohlquist Brik Personal Floatation Device (Sports)
    My husband chose this as his PFD earlier this summer. He loves it, no complaints. I tried it out a few weekends ago when kayaking with a friend and absolutely loved it. I purchased a touring for women PFD that I like okay (has “special” built in chestral area), but this one is much more comfortable, you forget you’re wearing it. I am small chested but this is significantly more comfortable for that area than the special women’s PFD. The bulk of the vest sits just below the bust area. You end up with extra material when this is cinched down for a smaller person, but that’s no biggie. The upper arm movement is awesome, no restrictions at all, doesn’t ride up and the straps don’t move and rub the neck. Pockets are there but don’t hold much.
    My only complaint would be it doesn’t come in brighter/safety colors, but it doesn’t cover up your clothing so wear a bright shirt instead. I will definitely be ordering another one of these (or two) for myself and guests. I would highly recommend this to women considering the “for women” PFDs instead, I wish I’d bought this one to start with.


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  3. 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Order much larger than your “size”, November 13, 2012

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Stohlquist Brik Personal Floatation Device (Sports)
    I bought this PFD for kayaking, it is great as it rides high and does not bind my arms. Order much larger than you think you are! I wear (USA) medium or large, so I ordered this PFD in large, well, I could not breathe! I returned it for an extra large, and it fits tight with none of the cinch straps tightened. I could have easly worn an xxl and had some room for a jacket and sweater under it. The company that makes this PFD does not conform to standard US sizes, they are way too small.

    Otherwise an excellent product.


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